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In a recent conversation with Pierre Lindh of, our Managing Director, Elton Dimech, provided insights into our company's journey, upcoming regulatory changes across Europe, and shed light on our core values, vision, and specialized cryptocurrency solutions tailored for MGA operators.

The Start of Payhound

Elton revealed that his professional background of more than 10 years in banking helped him make the first move in the crypto space with Payhound. It all started in 2019 when Elton left the banking sector and joined the company as Managing Director. 

Furthermore, Dimech explains that at that time, the company had already started developing its proprietary platform. He then proceeded to build the rest of the company from scratch and promptly initiated operations to establish itself as the primary cryptocurrency provider for the iGaming sector in Malta

The Financial Virtual Asset Act in Malta

The company started operating in a time when the enactment of what is now called the Virtual Financial Assets Act in Malta was initiated. From day one, Payhound's team was dedicated to securing a license from the Malta Financial Services Authority, a goal that was then achieved, becoming one of the earliest regulated entities in the space by 2021. 

Payhound’s commitment to upholding regulatory standards propelled the company ahead of its competitors and continues to do so, making it the primary partner for gaming companies looking to add crypto as a payment method on their betting sites.

MiCA’s Transformative Role 

Elton also discussed the significant impact of the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCA), which has already come into effect and is reshaping the payments landscape across Europe. 

On a regulatory front, he discussed why jurisdictions that are lacking regulation need to elevate their standards to catch up, while Maltese-regulated companies are already well-positioned to serve their European clientele due to robust local legislation. As a licensed supplier, Payhound is poised to navigate the evolving landscape effortlessly for the benefit of its clients.

Curious to learn more about the European regulatory landscape around crypto?

About Elton Dimech

Elton Dimech started his journey with Payhound in 2019 when he made the transition from the banking sector to the cryptocurrency space. Over his 15+ years career, Elton gained a wealth of experience which today translates into the success of Payhound.

As Managing Director, he drives the company’s business strategy across all departments whilst playing a key role in maintaining customer relationships.  Payhound is providing fully regulated cryptocurrency solutions to its ever-growing customer base, servicing entities across multiple industries including gaming, financial institutions, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and more.

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